Chapter 4.22: Ferlaina Forever

08-15-15_8-58 PMSomething magical is happening for a very special spare of the Waite Legacy…
08-15-15_8-56 PM-208-15-15_8-56 PM Elaina, who never meant to fall in love, is marrying the unexpected man-of-her-dreams, Fernando.
08-15-15_8-57 PM-3She couldn’t be happier, and neither could he.
08-15-15_8-58 PM-3 08-15-15_8-58 PM-8 08-15-15_8-58 PM-9 08-15-15_8-58 PM-10

Who knew that there would still be secrets left to share on this day? It would seem that in their time together they had learned everything they needed to know about one another. After all, they were rarely apart.08-15-15_8-58 PM-15 08-15-15_8-59 PM

And one look at their faces tells you why they spend so much time with each other. Their love and passion are inescapable.08-15-15_8-59 PM-5Their hands are a perfect fit for each other.

No one could be happier on this day…08-15-15_8-59 PM-6 08-15-15_8-59 PM-21 08-15-15_8-59 PM-23

…well, almost no one else.

Elaina and Fern looked over at the beautiful life that their love had created…

08-15-15_9-00 PM-7

08-15-15_9-02 PM-5Okay, so, maybe lives is a more appropriate word here. 08-15-15_9-03 PM-2Katie is the one on the left, and her twin sister Julie stands on the right. We’re not sure where their dark brown and light brown hair come from, considering both of their parents have black hair- but we love them so much anyway. They are the third set of twins to grace the Waite family.

08-15-15_9-03 PM-6Katie looks more like her father, Fernando, while Julie looks astoundingly like her mother at this point. Though, I wouldn’t be surprised if they both ended up being good mixes of each of their parents. Katie looks like she has Elaina’s smirk.

08-15-15_9-03 PM-21 08-15-15_9-03 PM-22

These sisters are incredibly beautiful, and we will probably see them at the Waite household quite often. 🙂 I’ll certainly be wanting to watch them grow up! And this special morning is the morning of their parents’ wedding (for some strange reason they got married at 4am!) and also the morning of their first day of school.

Such sweetness!

[These two lovely sims were named after two incredibly inspirational women in my life, both of whom I miss very much and feel incredibly lucky to have known. They both left my life at around the same time, but they will always be with me in some way or another. So much of my personal growth and who I have become can be attributed to these two women that I will possibly never see again. We were not friends or family, but their influence was undeniable. I consider them role models, guideposts, and proud encouragers who somewhere out there are still cheering me on.]


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