Chapter 4.14 – We Have a Rocket in the Backyard

On a particularly nice day when everyone had some free time, Elaina decided to take her nephews and niece to the park. Louise and Landen hadn’t really gotten out of the Waite Estate much, with the exception of school. Dexter just wanted a chance to spend time outdoors surrounded by new trees and flowers.

While at the park Elaina struck up a conversation with a handsome man, and they really hit it off. She introduced herself as Elaina Waite, and his eyes lit up.

07-21-15_8-15 PM-7

Elaina: Can you believe this? I meet a hot guy, and he already knows my mother…

“Did you say Waite? I met a wonderful woman named Brené Waite just recently at the spa. I’m Fernando. Fernando Wasilevsky.”

“Yeah, Brené is my mother, actually.” Elaina replied. “It’s nice to meet you, Fernando.”
07-21-15_8-16 PM-6Dexter was trying his hand at preparing some food for everyone while the twins played on the jungle gym and Elaina continued to talk to Fernando.

Lou seemed mildly suspicious of what was going on between her aunt and this strange new man.

Who is he? Why is he looking at her like that? She pondered, while her blissfully ignorant twin brother pretended to look through a telescope.

07-21-15_8-17 PM“So, how long have you lived in Oasis Springs?” Fernando asked Elaina casually.

“Oh, um, well, my entire life, actually. I’ve never left! You see, my mom was the last legacy heir, before my brother Leland took over the role, and all of us, my mom included, still live on the same plot of land that my great-great-something-Grandma Ella Waite started this legacy on.”

“Wow!!” Fernando was impressed.

07-21-15_8-17 PM-5“Do you want to go sit down, at one of the benches over there?” Elaina asked, hoping to get a chance to sit down. She had been playing as a space monster for quite some time earlier and she was still a bit fatigued from working out for her job.

Fernando agreed and they made their way over.

07-21-15_8-18 PM-3As they took their seats beside each other their eyes never lost connection. Something was burning deep inside of Elaina’s heart, something she had never felt before. Fernando felt glimmers of sparkling happiness bubbling up inside of him. Hope. Love? Maybe. Someday.

07-21-15_8-19 PM-2Definitely new beginnings.

“You really are very pretty.” Fernando pointed out, using his hand to cover his lips so that if Lou was being nosy she couldn’t figure out what he was saying. He didn’t want to be ambushed by a 12-year-old.

“Well, shucks,” Elaina shrugged, looking down toward their feet.

07-21-15_8-19 PM-7Then she felt a burst of energy as she got a new idea. She raised her fist in the air and shouted, “Eureka!!”

Fernando tilted his head back with curiosity.

07-21-15_8-19 PM-11“Why don’t you come to my niece and nephew’s birthday party that’s coming up? I’m sure no one would mind, and my mom would probably love to see you again.” She hoped that he would say yes, but didn’t understand why she felt so nervous. It wouldn’t be a big deal if he couldn’t. They barely knew each other, after all!

“Sure,” he answered, “what’s the address?”

07-21-15_8-20 PM“Just look for the biggest house in Oasis Springs. That is how you will know. We have a rocket in the backyard.”


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