Chapter 5.31: So, How Are We Related?

“So,” Julius looked at Belinda while they ate lunch one weekend. “We’re sisters, right?”

03-05-16_7-50-43 PM

Belinda cocked her head to one side and raised one eyebrow just slightly. When she realized that her cousin genuinely didn’t know how she was related her him her expression softened and she smiled a little bit.

“No,” she chuckled. “I’m your cousin.”

He looked like he didn’t understand what she just told him. “Then why do you live here?”

03-05-16_7-52-07 PM

“I live here because my mom still lives here, since she isn’t ready to move in with my dad or someone else yet.” Belinda offered with a rather large gesture of her hands.

“So is your mom my dad’s cousin?”

03-05-16_7-53-04 PM

“My mom is your dad’s younger sister. Like you’re Lizzy’s younger brother.”

It was starting to make sense to Julian, but he was still a little bit confused. “So, where are my mom’s brothers or sisters?”

03-05-16_7-52-40 PM

Belinda’s heart filled with compassion. “I don’t know exactly. I know that Aunt Sasha, your mom, moved from far away to come here. She talks a lot about her family, tells us exciting stories and sometimes I can hear her singing little melodies about them while she practices the piano or violin. She misses them, a lot, I know.”

“Will I ever meet them? Like how I know Aunt Lou and Uncle Landen?”

“We can always TRY!”

03-05-16_7-50-18 PM

The kids were excited by possibilities of familial connections, and they high-fived across the table to solidify their new mission.

It would be a ridiculous, near-impossible mission- considering that Sasha’s brothers and sisters were across hard-drives and realms since they are no longer living. But perhaps, eventually, this family tree would make sense to everyone involved.

[Author’s Note: I had written this chapter before, and then somehow WordPress ate it. This makes me SO sad because I loved it. So I re-wrote it. I don’t think it is as good, but here it is. The general idea of what the chapter USED to be.]


6 thoughts on “Chapter 5.31: So, How Are We Related?

  1. Chicago-Style Girl says:

    I’m glad you got the post back. I think it’s great! Belinda is just the cutest child Sim ever. If they ever get an expansion pack that adds celebrities, she would be one. Famous for being famous, she’s just so darling.

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