4.12 – The Joys of Extended Family

Aleta Novak, Asher’s daughter (which makes her Brené’s niece and Leland’s cousin), stopped by for a visit one afternoon. To everyone’s surprise she was pregnant. Lou, who didn’t much care for anything but getting an A before she became a teenager, stayed focused on homework. Brené smiled from the inside out, and Dexter was amazed at this miracle that was happening in front of his eyes. He couldn’t believe that there was going to be a new baby in the extended family. He was too young when Meya was pregnant with the twins to really remember what it was like.
07-21-15_8-09 PM-5“Does it hurt?” Dexter asked his distant cousin-of-sorts.

“Only sometimes,” Aleta answered, honestly. “But even when it does, or when it’s uncomfortable, I still feel incredibly lucky. Very few of us extended members of the family get to have children of our own.”

Dexter looked at this strong woman in amazement. He took the idea of continuing a family line so for granted by living in the legacy house.

07-21-15_8-10 PM

“Will you bring the baby by, you know, once they’re born?” Dexter asked, slightly nervously. “I would love to meet them.”

“Of course,” Aleta said, with a soft smile.

07-21-15_8-10 PM-2


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