Chapter 4.24: And I’ll Write Your Name

Lou woke up early on the morning of the twentieth to finish reading Lord of the Swings before breakfast. This day was going to be so jam-packed with things to do and she wanted to start it off right.

08-20-15_11-29 AM-2

She could hardly believe that Taylor Swift was coming for a simple festival in their town, and that her mother was able to make some business connections and pull some strings to contact her and get her here. They had already shown Taylor around the area, and even hosted Taylor for a couple of meals. This was truly going to be something that Lou would remember for the rest of her life.

Suddenly, she had an urge to go to the park. So, she finished her book and her breakfast, let her dad know that she was going out for a little bit, and headed out to enjoy the day.

08-20-15_11-29 AM-6

When she arrived she saw a sim she had never met before arriving at the park, and guessed that she must be in town for the musical event of the century. “Are you here for the festival?” Lou asked, double checking to make sure that she had really never seen the other girl around before. “I’m not sure I have seen you around before.”

“Yeah, I’m here with some of my family, we arrived last night so we didn’t have to rush to get here today.” The girl said. “I’m Cienna, by the way, but a lot of times people call me CiCi.”

“Oh! It’s so nice to meet you CiCi! I’m Louise, but when people call me anything but Lou I swear my skin crawls. I hate it!” Both girls laughed and started to become more comfortable around each other.

Louise raised both of her hands up into the air and a smile formed on her face. “I still can’t believe that Taylor Swift is going to be playing in Willow Springs TONIGHT!”

08-20-15_10-56 AM-6

“I know! It’s going to be SO amazing! Do you think I’ll meet any cute boys?” Cienna joined in the excited babbling, and they talked for a little while more.

08-20-15_10-57 AM

“And then Taylor thanked my family, and casually hugged all of us before heading back to her rental home!” Lou rambled on and on to the end of the anecdote of “when Taylor Swift came to dinner.”

08-20-15_10-57 AM-3

“Hey, CiCi, you should bring your family over to my house for a pre-festival party this afternoon. It will be fun! You can meet the rest of my family, and I could meet the family that you brought with you.” Lou suggested.

CiCi was a little shocked, but despite the fact that it was short notice managed to notice bubbles of happiness rising. She was making a friend already! “Sure! That sounds awesome. What’s the address?”

08-20-15_10-57 AM-5

“Ah, oh, just look for the biggest house with the rocket in the back.” Lou answered.

“Are you part of a legacy family?!” CiCi asked, feeling like that type of directions was very familiar to her.

“Yeah, I am, actually. Anyway, I better go and get ready. I’ll see you and the rest of your group soon, I hope!” With that, Lou raised her left hand in a quick wave and dashed off in a hurry to let her family know what was happening.

08-20-15_10-58 AM

Not long after Lou got home and everyone in the house changed into their party clothes, Cienna and her family showed up. Everyone all exchanged names and interests, cheerfully enjoying each other’s company. Dexter, Leland, and Anthony were all uncomfortable from the groups of people that they didn’t know very well. Eventually Anthony just couldn’t take it anymore and decided to head home until the festival.

Dexter found himself sitting on the couch, talking to Cienna’s cousin, Sasha Pruett, about music. “I just think that there is so much out there when it comes to music, and it’s really hard for me to pick a favorite genre. Music is like food for the soul, and each genre is a different vitamin- they’re all important, but some people are deficient in certain vitamins and have too much of others, and when you listen to the kind of music that matches up with the vitamin that your soul is deficient in, it nourishes the soul.”

“That is so fascinating! And it makes a lot of sense too!” Sasha smiled.

08-20-15_11-12 AM-6

“Hey, Lou, thanks for inviting us. This has been really great.” Cienna was incredibly grateful to Lou for opening up their home like this to newcomers.

“My aunt Elaina always told me to be hospitable. And my mom loves parties!”

Out of the corner of her eye Lou noticed that Sasha and Dex were getting along quite well in the living room, still talking about whatever it is that they were talking about.

08-20-15_11-13 AM-7

“So THAT is when I realized that I just cannot live without a healthy dose of music. And a good false cadence just makes me want to swoon!” Sasha gushed while Dexter looked directly at her, a smile on his face.

08-20-15_11-14 AM-3

“It’s probably about time to head to the festival soon,” Sasha said, getting up from the couch. “I’m going to go find the rest of my family. You’re going right?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there for sure.” Dexter responded, deciding to sit on the couch and breathe for a little bit longer. He felt really happy, and he was hardly embarrassed around Sasha or her family at all- though Sidney did make him mildly uncomfortable, but just because he could sense a bit of a temper on her. He was certain that she was an amazing sim though.

08-20-15_11-12 AM-3

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Lou was whispering some scuttlebutt to CiCi, “I think that MY older brother is into YOUR cousin.”

08-20-15_11-13 AM-12

“Are you sure!?” Cienna asked, shock filling her face causing her features to look even more like her mother’s.

“Well, I can’t really be sure because they haven’t really done or said anything, and they just met, but I think there could definitely be a spark. Knowing my brother though, it will be a LONG time before he allows himself to acknowledge that spark. He may be quite in tune with himself, but he’s also pretty good at avoiding the parts of himself that he is afraid of.”

08-20-15_11-13 AM-13

Sidney was the first to arrive at the park for the festival, not wasting any time. “Who cares if I’m a little intimidating!? A little bit of blunt truth never actually hurt anyone! People are just too nervous and awkward and sensitive these days.”

Although she was letting off some of her frustration about various pet peeves, she was still incredibly excited about what this day had in store. They were still quite a bit early anyway.

08-20-15_11-38 AM

She sat down at a picnic table with Sasha and Landen, offering a seat across from Sasha to Dexter as he walked by. She was going to do her best to get along with people if it was the last thing she did!! She also managed to attain a smile across her face, which was quite the accomplishment.

08-20-15_11-43 AM

Dexter obliged and sat down, and the four of them got into some hilarious conversation.

08-20-15_11-43 AM-2

“Hey everyone! It’s almost time for the show!” Lou exclaimed, pumping everyone up for some good ol’ TSwizzle.

08-20-15_11-43 AM-11

“Hey, the show is starting soon!” Lou called over to CiCi as she walked closer to her. “We should probably head over there.”

“Okay! But I warn you, I’m so excited that I think I am going numb and I just can’t promise that I won’t trip and fall, knocking you over along with me.”

“Well, just give yourself plenty of distance. At least six feet! Surely you’re not that tall!” Lou joked, turning to go ready the rest of the crowd for the big moment.

08-20-15_11-44 AM-4

Despite her best organizational efforts, Taylor was running a bit later than was expected, as can often happen with famous musicians, so Dexter and Sasha kept talking at the table.

08-20-15_11-45 AM-4

And Callie was talking to a new acquaintance, Kolby, wondering if anything might develop from talking to him.

08-16-15_1-46 PM

After a brief conversation on the park bench, she decided that he was nice enough, but maybe wasn’t the one for her.

08-16-15_1-47 PM-4

Taylor FINALLY arrived, but she was hungry, so she and Sasha ended up getting to have a very exciting conversation before the show while eating some grilled pineapple. “How do you DO it!? I mean, do the chords and the lyrics just COME to you?!”

Taylor laughed, and said that it really depends on the song.

08-16-15_8-09 PM-6

Sidney was anxious to get the show on the road, and wasn’t shy about showing it. She had given up on trying to be peaceful, and just wanted to get things started.

08-16-15_7-51 PM

“No, no, NO! Clearly the best Taylor song is Stay, Stay, Stay because it is incredibly cute and just the right amount of country and pop, like a little hybrid song.” Landen could be very defensive of his creative tastes when he wanted to be.

08-16-15_7-58 PM-11

“Landen, that’s a really great song, but we don’t have to have the same favorite. Personally, I love Welcome to New York the best.” CiCi was undeterred by Landen’s outburst.

“Oh, um…” Landen was sure that he had made some kind of friendship forming error, and was surprised that Cienna didn’t seem to be upset. “I’m sorry. I got a little carried away.”

Cienna just laughed and said, “It’s okay. I know how to Shake It Off.”

08-16-15_7-58 PM-13

The music finally started up and the crowd gathered.

08-16-15_7-55 PM-7

Dex and Sasha decided to cloudgaze during the set, enjoying each other’s company and the music.

08-16-15_7-59 PM-2 08-16-15_7-58 PM-9

They were becoming fast friends, but nothing was going beyond that. In this moment, they were simply enjoying their present experience. Music, outdoors, new friends.

08-16-15_7-57 PM-8

Anthony was avoiding the large group and decided to clean up the spoiled food sitting around in the park. He was honestly surprised that Callie wasn’t already doing it, but he supposed she was distracted by the music. Maybe she is a Taylor fan after all!

08-16-15_1-58 PM-5

“No way! Degas created so much more than just his paintings! A lot of people don’t know that he also worked with plaster…” Landen was still arguing about creative processes and art-things, and Cienna was starting to get tired. She looked at him sharply, took a deep breath, and laid down the law.

“Look, Landen, you’re nice and I like you, but don’t you think it’s a little bit late to still be going on about this stuff? You are a friend, for sure, but I need to go to bed now. I leave town tomorrow and want to get my beauty rest.”

08-16-15_1-58 PM


7 thoughts on “Chapter 4.24: And I’ll Write Your Name

  1. Renée Lenore says:

    I know that this was technically a little late, y’all, ha ha. I was supposed to post it on the 20th and TECHNICALLY I didn’t get it posted until a bit after midnight which means it was posted on the 21st… however, I hadn’t fallen asleep yet so in my mind it is still the 20th. I got busy with homework and didn’t realize what time it was!


  2. ARoseInBloom says:

    Omg!!!!! Taytay!!

    And the merging of two of my favorite families! I see some really fun things happening in the future for some of these Sims!!! So great and fun to read.

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  3. Jes2G says:

    My babies 😀 This was so fun! I love that one of the first things that came out of CiCi’s mouth was were there any cute boys LOL. Of course she would ask that (smh lol). AND…Sasha got to me Swift?! WOW!! Go Sasha! Glad we got to see Anthony once lol.

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