Chapter 5.11: A Little Fun

“This is a fine third date,” Lou smiled.

“I thought you might like it,” Reggie smiled back.

11-16-15_12-48-33 AM

“You just wanted to see me in a bikini.”

11-16-15_12-46-47 AM

“Alright,” Reggie sighed. “You caught me.”

“I don’t want a man who is only interested in me for my body.”

“Lou, I am interested in so much more than your body.”

11-16-15_12-46-56 AM

Dexter and Sasha had another night of “fun” before falling asleep beside each other.

11-29-15_11-39-15 PM

Meanwhile, Lou and Reggie had changed their clothes and decided to do some dancing. Lou seemed to always be wearing her dancing shoes. 😉

11-29-15_11-30-53 PM

“So, more than just my body, huh?” Lou asked.

“Of course,” Reggie said. “I mean, I love your moves, and your curves, but mostly I love the way that you don’t take plum from anyone.”

“So you don’t want my body?” Lou asked, curiously.

“I didn’t say that,” Reggie huffed.

11-29-15_11-33-05 PM

“Good,” Lou said, leaning in for a kiss. “Because I want your body.”

11-29-15_11-33-10 PM

“Take me, mistress,” he melted into a submissive pool of butter and blew her a kiss, offering his hand and letting her take the lead.

11-29-15_11-33-14 PM

Without hesitation Lou showed him just how in charge she could be, and that she knew exactly what lever got things heated up.

11-29-15_11-33-49 PM11-29-15_11-33-54 PM


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