Waite Legacy: Chapter 2

11-20-14_9-23 AM-2

Where we last left off, our darling founder Ella aged up into an elder. A feisty and foxy elder at that! There was no way she was going to go down without a fight. Bill may have retired now that he was much older and could pass on at any moment, but Ella decided right now that she would work until she died. She needed to make as many simoleons as she could for her family before her passing. She knew that Juniper wanted a big family, and that right now she had the best paying job in the whole household.

11-20-14_9-23 AM-5

“Juniper, I’m going to help support this family until I die.” Ella promised to herself and to her daughter.

Meanwhile, now that Juniper was a young adult and given the title of heir it was time for Noah to transition into young adulthood as well and move out. It would be a bittersweet transition, as Juniper was often too busy working on her skills to spend much time with her little brother- but she did still care about him.

11-20-14_8-26 AM

The two looked a lot a like, sharing Bill’s nose.

“You better not be too lazy to keep in touch with me little brother.” Juniper teased.

“Of course I’ll do my best to stay in touch… but I can’t make any promises. I am a bit lazy these days. Besides, we both know you were always the favorite.” Noah replied, honestly.

With that they hugged, Noah packed his things, and he was gone shortly after.

11-20-14_8-26 AM-2

To cheer herself up, Juniper decided to go out on the town and see what was happening at the bar. Maybe she could make a new friend or two.

11-20-14_9-35 AM

“How are you?” The stranger on the couch asked Juniper.

Slightly taken aback, but overall pleased, Juniper responded, “I’m alright. My little brother just moved out, but I think I’ll be okay.”

The stranger cocked her head to one side and nudged her shoulder in the direction of a man sitting nearby. “I think he may be interested in consoling you. Or, at the very least, trying to.”

11-20-14_9-28 AM-2

The man couldn’t keep his mouth closed because Juniper was so beautiful to him. His jaw just kept dropping. Juniper thanked the stranger and left, forgetting to ask her name.

11-20-14_9-29 AM

“Hi, I’m Juniper. But sometimes my mom calls me JuneBear.” Juniper starts the conversation off with some self-deprecating humor. It’s slightly awkward, but the man chuckles anyway.

“I’m Alexander. Most people just call me Alexander. My mother passed away recently…” He said, solemnly.

11-20-14_9-30 AM-2

“I’m so sorry!” Juniper exclaims, loudly. “May I buy you a drink? Maybe that will help…”

11-20-14_9-30 AM

Alexander accepts and they make their way over to the bar, talking as if they were old friends. It was really nice to see Juniper warm up to someone so quickly after Noah moved out.

11-20-14_9-32 AM

“Yeah, my brother just moved out… I’m taking it a little harder than I was expecting too. We didn’t really get to spend enough time together, y’know?” Juniper babbled, having the juice flowing through her body and helping her to relax a bit more.

“Yeah, that sounds really difficult.” Alexander comforts her by reaching over and patting her on the shoulder. “May I, um, may I… kiss you, Juniper?” Alexander asked, looking at her directly and patiently as if they had known each other their whole lives. Alexander was a real romantic.

“Yes.” She responded. “But I want to wait until you take me home. I don’t feel safe to get myself home alone. It will be almost like a real date.”

Alexander safely got her home, walked her into the front door, and she turned and kissed him gently.

11-20-14_9-41 AM-3

“Thank you, Alexander.” She whispered. “You are a perfect gentleman.”

[Note: I know that Alexander Goth is a playable sim, but I didn’t know any of his traits and even though I knew he was wealthy I had never played him or his family in The Sims 4 or read any stories of anyone who had, plus they were so into each other I couldn’t help it. Even if I end up just turning this into a cheatless generational story, so be it, but these two must be together!]

The next chapter is on it’s way, so stay tuned for more in chapter 2.1. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Waite Legacy: Chapter 2

    • Renée Lenore says:

      He’s ROMANTIC. ❤ But mainly he was so cute because he loooooved Juniper. So much. He would give her these longing glances… *sigh* His genes have still infiltrated the legacy. Ha!! Even still we have his nose.


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