Chapter 3.3

12-30-14_1-19 PM-2
It was another hot day in Oasis Springs while I was pregnant. I didn’t care though. Why? Because I was pregnant! And because we had a swimming pool, which helped a lot in those moments when I got to hot. I mean, let’s face it. Pregnancy is hard work. I’m always hungry, having to pee, feeling like I never get enough sleep- but at least I can relax in the pool from time to time. You know, when I can catch a break from all the hard work that is pregnancy.
12-30-14_1-20 PM-3
Just look at my beautiful pregnant self! Oh yeah.
12-30-14_1-21 PM 12-30-14_1-21 PM-2
I didn’t even bother changing out of my swimwear when I went to go play with my toys. I mean, playing comes first, right? Obviously.
12-30-14_1-22 PM-3 12-30-14_1-23 PM
But then it was time to make some food for the family, so I decided I’d better get dressed. I hurried into the kitchen to make some food before Patrice came into the kitchen to see what was up. She might be upset that I was making the meal instead of her, because she wants to make the food around here- but I just want to make this meal. I miss cooking, just a little bit. Maybe Patrice and I can work out a rotation or something.
12-30-14_1-23 PM-2 12-30-14_1-23 PM-8
Patrice got up from the computer and made her way into the kitchen to start fixing the meal, only to find Brené fixing it for her.
12-30-14_1-24 PM
“Well aren’t you sweet.” She exclaimed.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t be too upset.” I said, looking her in the eye just to check for any sarcasm. Luckily, there wasn’t any. She was being sincere. Sometimes since we’re both childish it can be a little hard to tell! But she’s also so cheerful. I guess I shouldn’t have been worried.

Patrice looked at me and laughed, bunching up her eyebrows. “Soon you’re going to be bigger than me!”
12-30-14_1-26 PM-2
Meanwhile, my mom was sitting in her favorite thinking spot, pondering all of life’s many greatest questions. But this time, she was doing so happily, not at all concerned for the future.
12-30-14_1-27 PM
She got up, walked into the kitchen, and gave me a great big bear hug. “I’m so proud of you, Brenny-bear.”

“Mo-om.” I whined. Okay, okay. So maybe I shouldn’t whine to my mother. Sue me.
12-30-14_1-28 PM-5 12-30-14_1-28 PM-11 12-30-14_1-29 PM-3
Patrice made herself a drink, and we sat and talked for a bit while she did. I will never stop being amazed at watching people make drinks. It’s so beautiful. I wonder if I look that spectacular while doing it? Maybe. If not, maybe I will one day. After Patrice and I finished our conversation, and she finished making her drink, I got up to leave and my mom took my place. Pat took the seat beside her and they settled in to have a nice conversation.

I decided to leave them alone so they could talk in peace. I didn’t want to disturb whatever it was.
12-30-14_1-30 PM
Okay. So maybe I just wanted to go play with my toys again. YOU CAUGHT ME.
12-30-14_2-13 PM-2
The best part about having kids is that when you invite guests over, they think that YOUR toys are THEIR toys and no one judges you for it. Before we had children Patrice and I used to get all of these weird looks for having so many toys in our house. Whatever.
12-30-14_2-15 PM 12-30-14_2-25 PM-2
Jolie and Elaina decided to have a late-night snack. It was the evening before Jolie’s birthday, so I let them stay up a little later than normal chatting. It was the last night they would have together as children, before Jolie aged up into a teenager.
12-30-14_2-26 PM 12-30-14_2-30 PM-2
“Can you believe our little Jolie is going to be a teenager already?” I asked my wife.

“No, I sure can’t.” She said as she hugged me.
12-30-14_2-32 PM-4 12-30-14_2-32 PM-6 12-30-14_2-32 PM-9
We made our way further into the kitchen and I invited her to feel the baby. She was so excited, and getting more excited by the minute.
12-30-14_2-34 PM-5
Okay, woah, writing break. I think I felt a contraction! AH! …maybe that was a false alarm. Let’s continue.
12-30-14_2-36 PM-3
“Honey, I’m telling you, it’s perfectly fine to eat cake for breakfast. Especially when you get to my age.”

“But that cake was for Jolie’s birthday.” I explained.

“I made two, silly!”
12-30-14_3-08 PM-2 12-30-14_3-08 PM-3
Oh boy! Here comes cousin Alastor, and he’s in a really bad mood. He sure is cute though! Asher has good genes. And just think- this cute kid could have potentially been the 4th gen heir! But nope. Now he’s just a 4th generation cousin.
12-30-14_3-08 PM-5 12-30-14_3-08 PM-6 12-30-14_3-09 PM 12-30-14_3-13 PM
“I’m a teen! Finally!” She rolled outgoing, and Renaissance Sim! Well then! 😀
12-30-14_3-15 PM-3
Little cousin Alastor is also outgoing, and he’s having a great time talking to Elaina.
12-30-14_3-15 PM-5 12-30-14_3-17 PM
Now cousin Alastor is talking to his Aunt Marley. They’re apparently pretty close, despite her Public Enemy aspiration, because they spent a good deal of time laughing and talking together at the party. I knew she would make a good aunt. I mean, she is my sister after all!
12-30-14_3-18 PM-2
My grown teenage baby daughter is talking to her Uncle Asher, who is looking adorable in that sweater. And before I knew it the party was over and the guests went home.
12-30-14_3-25 PM-3
But then another guest showed up, and gave me quite a fright!
12-30-14_3-26 PM-3 12-30-14_3-34 PM-3
After that scare I went to bed and woke up the next day, deciding to tend my Bluebell Bush. I decided a while ago that I wanted to try my hand at gardening, although not at a large scale. I just wanted something small, you know, to pass down through the generations. So I went with Bluebells, because they’re beautiful.
12-30-14_3-36 PM 12-30-14_3-38 PM
Elaina came home from school mad today. I wonder what’s up with her?
12-30-14_3-42 PM-2
Patrice had the situation handled before I could even step in though, and helped her with her homework until the sun started to set. By that point we were all exhausted and went straight to bed. Well, all of us except my mother. My mother was never weary these days. She just kept going, and going, and going!
12-30-14_3-45 PM 12-30-14_3-45 PM-2
It’s time!!

12-30-14_3-47 PM-4
I went downstairs to the kitchen and found Jolie awake for a midnight slice of cake. I grabbed some yogurt to curb the contractions a bit, sat down beside her, and shouted, “IT’S TIME!” I didn’t even worry if I woke the whole house up. Soon there was going to be a new baby in this house, and I wanted the whole world to know about it.
12-30-14_3-47 PM-8
Another contraction hit pretty hard after my next bite of yogurt. I decided it would be best to go upstairs to the bassinet.
12-30-14_3-48 PM-4
This was REALLY painful! Why did I agree to do this again!?
12-30-14_3-50 PM
Oh yeah. For a baby! Um, ehem…
12-30-14_3-52 PM-3
I guess, babies. I am the proud mother of the Waite Legacy’s first set of twins. Meet the boys- August is in the yellow bassinet, and Leland is in the blue bassinet.

[NOTE: I AM SO EXCITED! I couldn’t have planned this better myself. First of all, I’ve wanted twins in this legacy since the beginning. I even made Juniper fertile and NO TWINS. Grrr. And now, with the sperm donor process storyline my sim has twins! I just LOVE it! In other news, I hate taking care of babies so much. I just want them to age up already.]


7 thoughts on “Chapter 3.3

    • Renée Lenore says:

      Oh my goodness, YES! At least it isn’t triplets! I’d be pulling my hair out right now. EEP. Although, triplets would be exciting too! But I think I’ll stick to being happy with my twins. ❤ I love them. Well, I love the idea of them. HA! I can't wait for them to be children. I want to see their beautiful little faces.


    • Renée Lenore says:

      Yeah, I love them!! ❤ Funny thing is, I don't think it's because of the glitch because I'm still mostly having single births so far. But I love it, and I'll take twins where I can get 'em.


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