Chapter 5.47: Changes

Sasha smiled as she ate breakfast alone one morning. So much had changed in the legacy house in such a short time.

07-01-16_3-45-36 PM

“I still can’t believe all of those schemes of ours weren’t what made Aunt Lou decide to stay in the legacy house until our young adult birthday!” Lizzy exclaimed, while B tilted her head to one side in thought.

She thought about it while Lizzy rambled on and on about exciting adventures they had been having, and then interrupted Lizzy. “It really isn’t that shocking, Liz,” the words were coming out of her mouth faster than she could process it. “I mean, something bigger than either one of us could have caused to happen sort of changed everything.”

07-26-16_8-13-42 PM

Belinda stood up to clean up after herself and Lizzy feigned shock, “Bigger than anything WE could have caused? Psh…” she sighed as she leaned back on her stool, and Belinda got a stern look.

“Be careful, Beth,-”


“…I don’t want you to fa- well, yeah, uh, I guess, Beth…”

“No one has ever called me Beth before…” And Lizbeth was thinking hard as gears were spinning in her mind.

07-26-16_8-17-51 PM

Belinda, who was relieved to see her cousin sitting safely upright on the stool again continued to speak, “I mean, Beth is a perfectly good name,…”

“Yeah,” Lizbeth said, cheerfully. “I mean, we’re going to be young adults soon! I can’t go by Lizzy forever!”

Oh, no,” Belinda thought. “What have I done?

07-26-16_8-17-54 PM

And the reason Lou had decided to stay in the legacy house for a while longer is because she was far too tired, and pregnant, to worry about moving any time soon. The girls had convinced her that she would be tired for the baby’s entire infancy, and by the time she was rested enough once the baby grew into a child, they would so nearly be young adults that they may as well stay until their birthday.

Lou was too tired to argue, and agreed to that new plan.

07-26-16_8-24-36 PM

Sooner than anyone knew it, the baby was coming.

07-26-16_8-26-03 PM

Even through all of the exhaustion of work and pregnancy, Lou welcoming her precious son, Emil, into the world with exuberant joy. She beamed at him lovingly. “Hello my sweet, Emil. I know it will be weird, for a while, living apart from your father. You, your older sister and I will live with him soon though. It just has to be the right time. But now I know that it is with your father that I want to stay until I die.”

07-26-16_8-27-48 PM

She cuddled Emil closely before setting him in the bassinet. It was wonderful to be in the legacy house with an infant- even while she was at work she knew that her son was getting the highest quality care and attention from her family.

07-26-16_8-28-03 PM

Emil’s Aunt Sasha was always up to the task of caring for him.

07-26-16_8-39-17 PM07-26-16_8-39-38 PM07-26-16_8-40-10 PM

And Sasha’s youngest child, well, he was developing strong bonds with a certain redhead.

07-26-16_8-47-33 PM

Lou went on a date with Reggie one weekend, and something Reggie thought would never happen occurred.

07-26-16_9-15-09 PM07-26-16_9-15-08 PM

“Will you marry me?” Lou asked him, enthusiastically.

Reggie, stunned, responded just as enthusiastically. “YES!”

And Lou leaned in for a long kiss, just as the sun was setting over the horizon.

07-26-16_9-15-04 PM

Time was flying and young Julius was ready to twirl into his teen years.

07-26-16_9-43-12 PM07-26-16_9-43-52 PM

The first thing he did as a teen was feed his favorite baby cousin, Emil. “Us boys have to stick together in this house. The women outnumber us, which is great, and I’m going to teach you how to respect all of them.”

07-26-16_9-57-12 PM


2 thoughts on “Chapter 5.47: Changes

    • Renée Lenore says:

      It’s NO problem. LOL ha ha ha! Also, the technically still are not married yet. 😉 I’m planning a very nice wedding for them. But first I have to actually be able to PLAY THE GAME. >_< Also, sorry that this response has taken me so long. I've been away from my computer since the 5th and didn't want to respond on my phone because I reeeaally hate my phone.

      Also, JULIUS IS SO GORGEOUS. WOW. Sasha and Dex have such beautiful children… it's a shame they've only got two. 😛

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