Waite Legacy: Chapter 1

Ella Waite doing push-ups.

Meet our founder, Ella Waite (because Legacies are so full of waiting, waiting, waiting…), who is first seen doing push-ups at her brand new empty lot. Good job Ella. Way to make me proud! *slight sarcasm* Ella is Creative, a Foodie, and Active with an Aspiration of Renaissance Sim giving her the added trait of being able to learn skills more quickly. 🙂 I figured that would come in handy at the beginning of a legacy.

11-18-14_7-57 PM-3

Ella will be meeting a handsome fellow (hopefully with a chunk of change) to spawn a child or two with, and for the succession laws of this legacy I will choose Equality, Modern, and Merit. Why? Because I want the most freedom to choose, that’s why.

So, let’s begin, shall we?

11-18-14_7-57 PM

“What’s that thing?” Ella asked, looking at the shiny sculpture standing in the middle of her new property.

What thing?

11-18-14_7-57 PM-5

“THAT thing.” Ella says, looking more intently at the sculpture.

OHHHH, that thing. Well, um, *cough* that is a very expensive sculpture that I spent almost all of your money on and you will never be able to see it again here in about… ten seconds.

11-18-14_8-05 PM-8

“Seriously? You want me to believe that!?” Ella scoffs.

Yes. Yes, I do. Welcome home.

11-18-14_8-05 PM-5

“Well, this is not what I was hoping for.” Ella moans, looking around her… humble “home.” There wasn’t much to be seen, but at least she had a place to sleep and the bare necessities. “You know what, you might just be the worst Evil Overlord there is!” Ella looks up at me and shakes her fist in an act of defiance.

You’re mad now, but you might thank me, eventually. Maybe. MAYBE. I hope.

At least, your future generations might thank me. Now, let’s get you a good job, and try to find you a suitor!

11-18-14_8-19 PM-2

Obviously he isn’t a good match. Ella doesn’t even remember his name, to be honest. NEXT.

11-18-14_8-42 PM

So, this one seemed promising but it turns out that after they got along REALLY well and Ella spent a long time getting to know him he was married. Bummer, Ella. Bummer. Maybe we should get you home, so you can rest a bit. You’ve literally been out all night, and you start work this afternoon.

11-18-14_8-45 PM

“Can I at least say hi to this one first?” Ella asks about Joel Leal, sitting quietly in the bar watching TV. She figures out on her own that they aren’t a match. After a lot of heartbreak and failure she shuffles home.

11-18-14_9-03 PM

“I guess it just isn’t my lucky day for love.” Ella sighs. Ella was determined to find the right match for her, but it just wasn’t seeming to happen very quickly. She also knew she had a lot of work to do to save money so she could have enough simoleons to build a house for her future child or children to live in. She was starting to feel the weight of it all.

One day, my pet. One day you will meet someone to share these heavy burdens with.

As it turns out, that day happened sooner than I thought. After she returned home from her first day at work in the Astronaut career (AWESOME!) I sent her out on the town again. She finally met someone who might be worthy of taking home… and keeping…

11-18-14_9-09 PM-2

“Hi, my name is Ella! What’s your name?” Ella says a bit too excitedly.

“…um…, hi…, I’m Bill. It’s, um, …nice to meet you.” But Bill rolls with it, only making fun of her a little bit which is surprising since he has the Mean trait. (*gasp* I know, I know… me, accepting a sim with a MEAN trait for a legacy… but he looks decent, they are getting along well, AND she’s been rejected three times already. She needs a husband. FAST. Besides, I’m willing to lose points by cheating and changing his traits. *double gasp* Just this once!! PROMISE!)

11-18-14_9-10 PM-311-18-14_9-10 PM-4

“May I offer you a rose?” Ella asks him, swiftly pulling a rose out of her… *cough* …back pocket.

11-18-14_9-11 PM-611-18-14_9-11 PM-12

He’s honored, and willingly accepts the rose. He offers a hug in return.

And then, they sneak around the back of the bar to have a kiss. It turns out it’s both of their first kiss! How sweet! 🙂

11-18-14_9-12 PM-10

11-18-14_9-12 PM-3


“I’ve never done this before!” Ella says, nervously, as she pulls away.

“Neither have I, but you weren’t bad, Ella.” Bill encourages. [They are TOTALLY meant to be!]

11-18-14_8-37 PM-2

After a long night of kisses, cuddles, hugs, conversations, and dancing Ella went home exhausted. She really enjoyed spending the evening with her new BOYFRIEND. Yes, that’s right, BOYFRIEND. However, she was so tired she literally passed out on the dirt in front of her shower before she could make it to her bed.

11-18-14_9-23 PM-311-18-14_9-24 PM11-18-14_9-24 PM-2

The next morning she invited Bill over before work, and they were sure to spend a lot of quality time cuddling and tickling.

And then it happened… the much anticipated option to PROPOSE!

11-18-14_9-49 PM-2

“Bill, love of my life, soul joined forever to my soul, will you marry me and spend the rest of your life potentially living in this dump with me if you’re broke too!?” Ella gushed.

11-18-14_9-55 PM-7

Of course Bill accepted, and surprisingly he moved in with 20,000 simoleons. 🙂 WOO! Not so bad. Go Ella! Ehem. I mean, congratulations to the happy couple. … *whispers* Now maybe you two don’t have to live outside…

11-18-14_10-23 PM

“Evil Overlord, I marry someone with 20,000 simoleons and we still have to keep the cheap toilet!?”


Ella was not pleased that they had to keep all of the cheap furniture that she started out with, but she was at least grateful for the roof over her head and the new furniture that they acquired. Besides, now she has a new husband and is doing well in her job (ish). It’s about time to start making a baby!! …but I think I will let them save some more simoleons first. Everything keeps breaking in their house. Especially the cheap toilet.

11-19-14_9-20 PM


Speaking of their house, here’s a screenshot of their humble home in it’s (small) entirety now:

11-18-14_10-16 PM

They have just enough. A small kitchen, a living area, a bathroom, and a bedroom. Now they will be focusing on saving money for the future baby. *evil laughter* Bill got a job in the Tech field, so eventually they will need to get some fitness equipment for Ella and a computer for Bill.

That’s all for now until chapter 1.2, so stay tuned!


15 thoughts on “Waite Legacy: Chapter 1

  1. theplumbob says:

    I’m finally here! Ella is cute as a button, though she sure gave you a fair share of uncomfortable looks lol! Can’t believe they already have a decent sized house in chapter one, wow! Also, I’m now eager to find out if you kept Bill’s earings and mutton chops 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Renée Lenore says:

      LOL That Bill… and yeah, they worked hard for their simoleans… and Ella was in the highest paying career track that she could have started in. Plus she was promoted quickly because she gained skills quickly.


    • Renée Lenore says:

      Thank you! :] I really appreciate it. This legacy is something I am very proud of so far- not every chapter is my best work, for sure, but some are really special to me and overall this family means so much to me at this point. It’s the furthest I’ve ever made it, generation-wise, in ANY sims game ever, legacy or otherwise. ❤ I love them so much! I am glad you will be reading.

      Liked by 1 person

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