Chapter 3.4

12-30-14_6-10 PM-3
“Mom! You had the baby! How are you?” Jolie saw me and started bombarding me as soon as she did. I just chuckled.

“I’m fine. I’m fine. And yes, I did have the babies. You have twin brothers now.”
12-30-14_6-10 PM-4
“NO way!”

“Yes way! And they’re upstairs right now. They’re going to be quite the handful. We might not get much sleep for a while.”
12-30-14_6-12 PM
Elaina was not as excited as her sister, Jolie. In fact, Elaina was quite sad. She didn’t want another sibling, let alone TWO. Especially brothers. EW. I would have to have a talk with her about this later, I could tell. But for right now, I think I should let her cry it out.
12-30-14_6-13 PM
Speaking of crying. Oh my goodness, so much crying has never been heard in the legacy house at one time!!
12-30-14_6-13 PM-2 12-30-14_6-14 PM 12-30-14_6-14 PM-3
Even Elaina came in to check on the babies.
12-30-14_6-15 PM 12-30-14_6-15 PM-2 12-30-14_6-16 PM-2 12-30-14_6-17 PM
They’re always hungry, need attention, have dirty diapers, or something. When are we going to catch a break? Oh, I know. When they’re grown into children, that’s when. When they can walk, and talk, and use the toilet.
12-30-14_6-18 PM-2
I still love them though.
12-30-14_6-19 PM-2
Besides, it’s their BIRTHDAY tomorrow. Thank goodness!!
12-30-14_6-28 PM-2
First to age up was August, my little slob. He is also quite rambunctious!
12-30-14_6-30 PM
Next came his little brother, by just a couple minutes, Leland. Such a goofy little thing! But he’s rambunctious like his brother.
12-30-14_6-32 PM
12-30-14_6-32 PM-3 12-30-14_6-33 PM 12-30-14_6-34 PM-5
(Interruption: Oh my goodness, I love Leland so much already. I’ve only played him as a child for like, 3 minutes, but he’s amazing. Look at that precious face!!!)
12-30-14_6-34 PM-4 12-30-14_6-34 PM-9
August is very upset that he’s a twin. He was born first, and didn’t want to be a twin. Then his brother was born, and he was FURIOUS. We talked about it, but I just couldn’t rationalize with him. Oh well, he’ll feel better about it later.
12-30-14_6-34 PM-10 12-30-14_6-35 PM 12-30-14_6-35 PM-2
(NOTE: OH MY GOSH. THESE BOYS AND THEIR FACES. ❤ ❤ ❤ Also I’m really bummed that August got the slob trait because that is one of my most feared traits for getting in this legacy. Oh my. We’ll see how this goes. At least they’re aged up now!)



13 thoughts on “Chapter 3.4

  1. ARoseInBloom says:

    Well….don’t vote him as an heir and then you can move him out. Heh. Congrats! They’re super cute and will definitely make for interesting dynamics later in the game.


    • Renée Lenore says:

      That’s the beauty of spares and the modern, equality, and merit based legacies I guess. Heh. 😉 I’ll just skill up good ol’ Leland and work on his aspiration. Right now I’m leaning toward Leland as heir. Shhhh… possibly the first male Waite heir!! But also Jolie and Elaina could be chosen. hm. But still, Leland is my favorite. I was super close to picking Asher last time, but Brené won based on merit. 😛 And I wasn’t able to decide anyway, so I went with the challenge rules I set myself up with.

      Liked by 1 person

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