Chapter 5.23: Ahoy!

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“I can’t believe our mom is making us come on this after school playdate at the legacy house…” Leslie scoffed. “I don’t want to spend time with a couple of bratty kids who have everything they want handed to them on a silver platter.”

Leah, who was more patient and thoughtful than her sister, softly said, “We don’t know what they’re like, Les.”

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“Okay,” Leslie chimed. “But when they’re awful, don’t be surprised to hear me say, ‘I told you so.‘”

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“Hi!” Belinda greeted cheerfully as she walked out the front door with Lizzy to greet their guests. “I’m Belinda, but those closest to me usually call me B. I am so excited that you’re here!”

“Yeah,” Lizzy added. “I’m Lizzy, and it will be great to have some additions to the crew. Playing outside is more fun when there are more kids around.”

“Hi B, Hi Lizzy,” Leah said with a smile and a wave. “Thanks for having us over.”

Leslie stood there with more hesitation, and didn’t offer a wave.

“This is my sister, Leslie.” Leah offered when Leslie didn’t introduce herself.

02-24-16_1-58-17 PM

“Let’s go to the backyard and play!” Lizzy suggested, opening the front door and guiding everyone through the house. Leslie kept her distance and eyed all of the fancy things in their large house.

Soon though, everyone was outside and making their way onto the pirate ship jungle gym.

Leslie was still convinced that she would not have any fun, so she just started trying to find shapes in the clouds.

02-24-16_2-08-25 PM

“All hands on deck!!” Belinda hollered, forcefully rotating the wheel to the right. “A storm’s a brewin’!”

02-24-16_2-07-34 PM

“Keep watch for sea monsters!” Lizzy yelled down to the crew.

02-24-16_2-09-43 PM

All-in-all it turned out to be a very successful playdate venture, and Leslie and Leah both had an incredible time.

Belinda was excited to be meeting new people, and Lizzy was excited to play outside- regardless of who was playing with her.

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