Chapter 5.25: Feeling Green

02-24-16_1-34-09 PM

Sasha had made herself a sandwich to eat after getting home from her shift, but right when she started to take a bite she felt nausea rise up in her stomach.

02-24-16_1-34-32 PM

“Is it time?” She asked herself, relatively calmly, before she doubled over with the pain.

She clenched her teeth and her left fist, using her right hand to steady herself on the arm of the couch. “I guess so…” she thought.

She wobbled her way over to the dining room and kitchen, hoping that someone would be in there to help her up the stairs, but no one was there. She was in too much pain to yell, so she slowly made her way to the stairwell and climbed each painful step by herself.

She reminded herself with each step to take a deep breath in, and then to let it all out slowly.

She finally made it up to the bassinet where Lizzy had slept as a baby and began to feel the magic of childbirth.

02-24-16_2-28-29 PM02-24-16_2-32-14 PM

“Hello,” she cooed at her newborn child. “How are you on this beautiful night?”

02-24-16_2-32-59 PM

She hugged the infant close to her and nuzzled her neck to the child’s head.

02-24-16_2-33-42 PM

“I’m going to name you Viviano Julius Waite, after my mother and my brother, and we’re going to call you Julius.” Proudly, she held up her son and looked deeply into his eyes. There was so much inside of those eyes, just as with Lizzy’s eyes when she was born.

02-24-16_2-33-21 PM

Sasha was certain that life is truly a miracle.

02-24-16_2-34-12 PM


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