Chapter 5.45: Lady Troubles

Leah and Leslie Broussard had come over to spend time with Julius after school one day, but they realized that they didn’t actually want to spend a lot of time with someone who was so much younger than they are.

“Thanks for coming,” Julius called after them as Cain was walking up to the door.

03-24-16_10-20-25 PM

“Bye, Julius,” Leah said. Leslie just followed her sister in silence and sarcastically rolled her eyes.

Cain looked at Julius who was left standing on his porch as his friends left. “It looks like you’re having lady troubles.”

“Oh, shut up, Cain,” Julius complained. “They’re just friends.” I only have eyes for one girl, he thought to himself.

“Yeah, yeah,” Cain mocked. “Are we going to play pirates or what?”


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