Chapter 3

12-06-14_6-06 PM
Hey readers, I’m Bren. But you already know that. Duh! Well, probably, maybe. I don’t know. ANYWAY, I’m the third generation heir to this legacy and I thought I would take over narration of the legacy. Why? Because it seemed like an interesting thing to do and the old style was getting a little bit tired. When I hand the torch over to the next heir, they can choose if they want to narrate, or give narration back to the Evil Overlord. M’mkay? And don’t think this was easy. I had to swear on all of my toys that I’d work at this, and not turn this legacy into a laughingstock. I personally think the Evil Overlord was driving us into the gr- *cough* I mean, she was doing a great job. Really.

Moving on.

I wanted you all to be the first to see the renovations on the new legacy homestead. Why did I just call it a homestead? It’s far to modern for that! It’s not so modern that it’s all black and white and metals and stuff, but it’s way more modern than it was-plus, we have a rooftop pool. But I’ll let you decide for yourself what you think of it by showing you the pictures. Enough of me babbling on.

12-06-14_6-01 PM-2 12-06-14_6-01 PM-3 12-06-14_6-01 PM-4 12-06-14_6-01 PM-5 12-06-14_6-01 PM-6 12-06-14_6-01 PM-7 12-06-14_6-01 PM-8
These are all the exterior photos. Purple is my favorite color, so I decided to have the outside of the house painted in purple. 🙂 I think it was a bold decision, but everyone is telling me it looks very nice.
12-06-14_6-02 PM 12-06-14_6-02 PM-2
These are a couple of shots of the interior at wide-angle. Remind me to thank the Landgraab’s for letting me borrow their helicopter for these all of these wide-angle shots by the way… Anyhow, there’s plenty of room for dancing and people when Patrice and I throw parties. We both have high mixology skill, so I’m sure we’ll be having lots of parties. Especially since she wants to be a Master Chef and I want to be a Master Mixologist.
12-06-14_6-02 PM-3 12-06-14_6-02 PM-4 12-06-14_6-02 PM-5 12-06-14_6-02 PM-6 12-06-14_6-03 PM 12-06-14_6-03 PM-3 12-06-14_6-03 PM-5 12-06-14_6-03 PM-6 12-06-14_6-04 PM 12-06-14_6-04 PM-2 12-06-14_6-04 PM-3 12-06-14_6-04 PM-4 12-06-14_6-05 PM 12-06-14_6-05 PM-2
Well, that’s all the pictures I managed to take before my camera battery died… but it’s all the rooms in the house at least. 😀 I’m looking forward to sharing more of this story with all of you in the near future. My wife and I have some big news, but I think we need to keep it under wraps for a little while longer… just until we’re absolutely certain.


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