Chapter 5:10: Dancing Shoes

“So, Lou, how do you feel about Reggie,” Sasha asked her sister-in-law casually.

“Did Dex put you up to this?”

“NO! I swear.” Sasha defended herself. Then she remembered that even though she grew up with a sister to have these kinds of conversations with, Lou did not. “I’m just asking as your sister.”

Lou smiled, “Okay, sis,” she said as she took another bite of food.

11-16-15_2-55-50 AM

“If you must know, I think he is charming, but…”

Sasha leaned in a little and grinned, “But…”

“…but I just don’t know how I feel about him after just one date.”

“But he’s cute, right? You do think he’s cute?”

Lou laughed, “Aren’t you married to my big brother?”

“Yeah,” Sasha said, breezily. “I can still think that Reggie is cute. That doesn’t mean I love him. You know how much I love Dex.”

11-16-15_2-56-44 AM

“Okay,” Lou chuckled. “Yeah, I think Reggie is cute. But that doesn’t mean I love him.” She winked and got up to go dance.

11-16-15_2-57-59 AM

The next morning Sasha and Dex went to visit Landen, but he wasn’t home- they were surprised to find that he has a wife and a daughter.

“So how long have you been married to Landen?” Sasha asked the woman sitting in front of her on the couch.

“Oh,” Elaine closed her eyes to think. “Well, Carolina is 7, so it’s been about six and a half years now. We didn’t get married until Carolina was born…”
11-29-15_12-03-44 AM

“…as you can understand, Landen is an insane slob who spends nearly all of his time obsessing over this painting or that sculpture, and I didn’t know if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, or let him help raise our daughter. I wasn’t expecting to get pregnant…”

Dexter looked over at that moment, wondering what Sasha would say about pregnancy.

Sure enough, Sasha interrupted Landen’s wife, “I can’t wait to have a family!”

Dexter smiled and the two ladies laughed with each other.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way now. About six months after Carolina was born, Landen showed up at my house demanding to meet his daughter. He said that a voice was telling him he had a daughter,” she laughed to herself. “I couldn’t very well deny it, regardless of how he came to the information. I couldn’t believe it, either, though! Watching him hold her, and seeing his eyes light up, and hers lighting up to reflect his eyes… well… I couldn’t keep them apart anymore. And I finally allowed myself to admit that I was in love with him, despite everything.”

“So he did something crazy and asked you to marry him, and you said yes?” Sasha probed.

Landen’s wife looked at her, and smiled, “Actually, I was the crazy one this time. I got down on one knee, handed him the key ring I was about to put my new house key on, and proposed to him.”

“That’s amazing!”

11-29-15_12-03-48 AM

“The amazing part is that he said ‘no’ and proceeded to take the ring from me, and then he proposed to me and so I said ‘no’ and stormed out of the room.”

Sasha was fully perplexed at this point, as was Dexter. He thought that he might need to sit down, so everyone shuffled their seating to make room.

“Then how did the two of you end up married?” Dexter asked her, a confused look on his face.

11-29-15_12-04-00 AM

“I think I will let Carolina tell you. We’ve told her the story so many times, and it is her favorite part.”

Dexter couldn’t sit anymore, the social anxiety was getting to him, so when he stood up to walk away, Carolina scooted closer to Sasha.

“I threw up on daddy,” she said with a giggle. “He had to go find mommy to ask where a towel he could clean up with could be found. When he knocked on the door, mommy opened it and had been crying. She spat, ‘What!?’ at him and he immediately leaned in to kiss her and said, ‘Yes. I will marry you,’ completely forgetting about my spit-up.”

11-29-15_12-05-37 AM

Elaine finished the final details, “So, with baby Carolina in tow and spit-up on both of our outfits we eloped.”


3 thoughts on “Chapter 5:10: Dancing Shoes

  1. cathytea says:

    What a great story! This might be my favorite chapter so far! 🙂 (And I’ve got a surprise waiting for you over on my blog…. chapter title: New World Symphony: Wood.)


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