Chapter 5.43: Friends Who Are Boys

Teen girls are in the legacy house now, and so are teen boys.

“Hey Ross! Thanks for coming over today,” Lizzy greeted her friend from school.

03-24-16_8-55-06 PM

Ross smiled at her. “Why would I reject the invitation of such a beautiful woman as you?”

“Ross,” Lizzy laughed. “I’m flattered. I feel so lucky to be making such good friends in high school.”

“Well,” Ross looked at Lizzy who was dressed in her party clothes. “You are a great person and people who don’t notice that must not be paying much attention.”

03-24-16_8-55-03 PM

“Let’s go find Aden and B,” Lizzy suggested, and Ross agreed that would be a good plan. Lizzy started walking into the kitchen to grab a snack first and then Ross remembered something.

He took a few steps after Lizzy. “Hey, Liz, I’ve been making progress in my collection and I found a Will-O’ the Wisp when my family went to Granite Falls over the weekend.”

03-24-16_8-57-01 PM

“Seriously!? Awesome!” She said, offering him a high five. “You’re going to have the most amazing collection someday.”

He smiled. “And you’re going to be an amazing chef!”

03-24-16_8-55-25 PM

Belinda was outside with Aden, another friend of the girls, but she was trying to figure how to move their relationship beyond friendship without heavily altering the dynamic of the group.

“Have you been playing MySims Online lately?” She asked him, a shy smile forming on her face. “The new quests are even more amazing than the old ones since the last update.”

“Our Wi-Fi has been really quirky lately,” Aden chuckled and rolled his eyes. “Trying to play an MMO with the way our Wi-Fi has been behaving is like trying to butter an ice cube. Slippery. I haven’t gotten my character beyond level 27 yet…”

03-24-16_10-09-06 PM

“You could use a computer here to play? We could form a party and quest together.” She suggested to him with a shrug. “I’m not that far ahead of you… I’m only level 36.”

“36? Belinda, you’ve only been playing this character for a couple of days!”

She shrugged, “I’m kind of a perfectionist, and I don’t know, computers and games just make sense to me.”

“So are we going to slay some dragons together or what?” He asked with a wink.

03-24-16_10-09-10 PM

They walked into the house and Belinda got set up on the computer in the kitchen, and told Aden he could use the computer upstairs in the office. It has a better connection than the one in the kitchen, which is just the family spare.

He felt his gaze linger on her as he watched her log into the game with an intense focus. There is something about watching someone doing something they love that is incredibly attractive. “I’ll join you soon. Which server and channel are you choosing?”

“Mmm,” she said, glancing up at him. “Strangetown, channel 7. The others are crowded, and Strangetown is my favorite.”

“Okay,” Aden winked and walked toward the stairs.

Belinda felt her heart race, and it wasn’t because of the imp that was sneaking up on her character about to attack. She felt butterflies swirling in her stomach over that wink.

03-24-16_8-54-21 PM

Once Lizzy and Ross realized that Belinda and Aden would be spending the afternoon gaming they decided to spend some time outside cloudgazing.

“I can’t wait until Leah, Leslie and Benson have their birthday.” Lizzy thought out loud. “Then they will be in the same school as us again and be able to spend more time with the squad.”

Ross felt a twinge of sadness, but smiled nonetheless. He had been enjoying their time alone together. “Yeah, it will be great to be hanging out with more people.” It is possible that he was lying when he said that.

“And Benson is probably going to be really cute,” Lizzy sighed dreamily.

Ross jealously decided to interject, “And so will Leah and Leslie! I mean, they’re an attractive family. But really our whole squad is attractive.”

He looked at her and got a silly face, “Especially me!”

She playfully punched him in the arm and laughed. “You’re the most attractive of us all.”

03-24-16_10-07-04 PM

She rolled her eyes and looked back up at the sky.

He swallowed his pride and joined her.

“Do you think that group dynamics change in a negative way when two of the people in the group fall in love?” Belinda asked Aden as they lay on the front porch and stare at the clouds.

He looked away from her, feeling his pulse hasten. “I don’t think it has to be a negative change.”

They both felt very aware of how their elbows were nearly touching.

“I do think, though, that it would create some kind of change.” Aden added, looking at Belinda.

03-24-16_8-58-13 PM

“He’s looking right at me! His eyes are so beautiful!” Belinda thought to herself in a quick panic. “Say something!” She continued to panic. This had to be perfect.

“Do you think that constellation is pretty?” She asked, quickly raising her arm and pointing toward the sky, widening the distance between their bodies.

Aden looked to where she was pointing in the sky and noted that the constellation she spoke of was Lyra. “Lyra is a beautiful constellation, to be sure,” he answered.

“But I think that there are some things that aren’t in the sky, that are much closer to me, that are more beautiful.”

03-24-16_8-59-35 PM

“Oh,” Belinda said, blushing. “What do I say?” She thought, realizing that she is utterly unprepared for all of this boy nonsense.


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