4.18 – Is That Your Final Answer?

“So this is my house,” Fernando gestured through his front door and into his living area. “It’s fairly small, but it’s nice.”07-21-15_9-51 PM-4“It’s lovely!” Elaina proclaimed as she looked into the large windows on each side of the windowed front door.

Fernando took her hands into his and gently pressed his lips against them. “I am so glad you decided to come to my house tonight. I wasn’t sure you would want to spend so much time with me in one day, considering that I was just at your house this morning…”

07-21-15_9-51 PM-6

The two of them walked hand-in-hand into his bachelor pad. Fernando turned on some decadent jazz and they began to slow dance as candles flickered on the mantle of the bright yellow fireplace.

07-21-15_9-52 PM-7

After the dancing, they found themselves sitting on the loveseat, deep in conversation. They sat there and talked for hours and hours. “I can’t believe that my niece and nephew are going to be aging into teens tomorrow. It’s incredible!” Elaina lifted her hands off of her lap in disbelief, and Fernando locked eyes with her. The intensity was palpable, causing Elaina to get chills.

“May I kiss you?” Fernando asked, voice unwavering, cool as a cucumber.

“Yes.” Elaina gushed, a slight catch in her voice causing her voice to break with excitement and nerves.

07-21-15_9-54 PM-2

As they leaned into each other, both of them knew that they had found the one that they were meant to be with. Neither of them thought that they were necessarily supposed to be with anyone, until they felt it in each others’ eyes.

07-21-15_9-54 PM-5

Fernando stood up and walked over to the fireplace, grabbing a small box that he had sitting on the mantle. Elaina followed him and just before she was close enough to lean in for another kiss, Fernando knelt to the ground on one knee and exposed a diamond ring.

07-21-15_9-55 PM-4

Elaina’s heart was rushing, her pulse growing faster and faster. She needed to clear her thoughts, think about this rationally. She remembered the day she told Leland that she didn’t want to settle down or have a family. She remembered how sure she was that she would never meet another person that she wanted to share her life with in this way. But here she was, standing in front of a bright yellow fireplace in the home of a man she can’t seem to take her mind off of.

07-21-15_9-55 PM-6

She slipped the ring on her finger, testing it out, and decided to throw all logic into the wind and follow the footsteps of her rapidly beating heart.

“Yes, for 100 points, I will marry you.”

07-21-15_9-55 PM-12

Fernando kissed her softly.

07-21-15_9-55 PM-15

“Is that your final answer?” He teased lovingly, lifting her up off of her feet and into his arms.

07-21-15_9-55 PM-18

“Oh Fern,” Elaina blushed.

“Oh Laina,” Fernando sweetly responded, mirroring the cuteness of his new fiancée.


9 thoughts on “4.18 – Is That Your Final Answer?

  1. ARoseInBloom says:

    Lol!!! For 100 points!! I’m like that, too! Forever saying things like ‘for 10 points, will you get me my water from upstairs?’ Haha.

    Nicely done, Fern, nicely done!

    Liked by 2 people

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