Waite Legacy: 2.3

11-21-14_11-30 PM-8

“My little girl is growing up! Just this morning you were a baby!” Juniper said as she snapped a photo with Brené, her firstborn child. She needed to use the restroom, but she had some big news for Brené that she needed to tell her. Juniper was hoping that it would go well because her daughter was such an easygoing and lighthearted goofball. Juniper asked Brené to meet her on the couch.

11-21-14_11-36 PM-2

“What’s up, Mom? Why did you want to talk to me over here? And why do you have that book?” Brené asked her.

“Well, you see sweetheart, this book is to help me with how to tell you something. I should probably put it away now, because it’s time I just tell you.”

“Tell me what?”

“Your father and I are adopting another child.”

“I get to be a big sister!?” Brené asked playfully.

“Yes. You do.”

“Oh boy! This means I’ll have someone to teach how to play all of my games and stuff. This is going to be great.” Brené was looking forward to having another kid around the house to play with and pick on.

…and then Jazlyn arrived [EA’s given name].

11-23-14_11-21 AM-2

Jazlyn was nervous to be in this new family, but Brené was very friendly so she walked right over to her and made her feel right at home. “Today’s my birthday! And you’re the best gift ever!” Brené said excitedly. Well, maybe that wasn’t the best thing to say to a human being joining your family… but Jazlyn didn’t seem to mind. In fact…

“Today is my birthday too!”

And with that the two girls bonded instantly, becoming like twins separated at birth. It was definitely interesting at the house, now that there were two girls of the same age running around- one of them a goofball, the other one a little insane.

11-23-14_11-31 AM-211-23-14_11-29 AM-8

But they were thick as thieves these two, quickly becoming very, very close.

Adding to the pandemonium, Juniper was expecting again!

11-23-14_11-23 AM-3

But she seemed all-too-pleased about the whole situation. She wanted four happy children to befriend, and she was well on her way to that life goal.

11-23-14_11-24 AM-2

In her old age, Ella found herself constantly repairing everything that was breaking. With all these people in the house the sink was getting more use so it broke more frequently, and Ella was always the first one to fix it and mop up after it too. She had the highest handiness skill, after all. Plus, Juniper was pregnant and busy with the girls and practicing her violin and her writing. Ella liked all the physical labor too. She always wanted to keep busy and stay active- even in the sense of fixing and repairing old broken objects. Kept her alive, she said.

11-23-14_11-47 AM-7

“Do you want to feel the baby?” Juniper asked Jazlyn. At first, Jazlyn was hesitant, but Juniper assured her that it would be alright.

“Woah… I think they kicked!” Jazlyn shared in awe.

“Yes, yes they did.” Chuckled Juniper.

11-23-14_11-47 AM-1411-23-14_11-47 AM-11

Now it was time for Juniper to go find her darling Brené and tell her.

11-23-14_11-48 AM-5

But instead she got sick, and needed to take some time to herself so Brené and Jazlyn played a game of chess.

11-23-14_11-55 AM

“I’m going to win.” Proclaimed Jazlyn.

“No, you are not.” Chided Brené.

11-23-14_12-02 PM-2

At right about this time Ella got home from another day at work and decided to make an awesome dinner for herself. Juniper was behind her in bed, resting from being sick. The girls were going to be in bed soon anyway, because it was rather late. Ultimately, there was not much else happening that day.

Or, so we thought…

11-24-14_1-00 AM-611-24-14_1-00 AM-511-23-14_12-22 PM

Little baby boy Asher was born. The next several days were so full of chaos that I didn’t take any pictures at all, because babies are terrible.

Anyway, here’s Asher as a child. He rolled geek, and social butterfly. 🙂 Awwww. My heart melted a little.

11-24-14_12-05 AM-8

Isn’t he the cutest little thing!? I just can’t get over how flipping adorable he is!! D’aww!

Stick around for the next installment. 😉 You know the drill. It’ll be chapter 2.4


10 thoughts on “Waite Legacy: 2.3

  1. theplumbob says:

    How nice that they adopted, was this back when adopting was a requirement for big happy family? I kind of wish they lept that milestone, I love adopting to get variety in genetics. All the kids are super adorable, I think Asher is my favourite at the moment.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Renée Lenore says:

      Yeah, it was still a requirement to the aspiration. But I had wanted to adopt at some point anyway. Also, I loved ALL of the kids this generation SO much. As children they just had SO much individual character and spunk. And Brené and Jazlyn were such good friends! Asher was definitely one of my favorites though.


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