Chapter 5.4: Changes are Coming

Meya was sitting on the green couch in the foyer thinking about all of the change that had already occurred and would be occurring soon. Despite her sadness about Landen leaving, she was proud that he was taking flight on his own and going to fend for his family. Katie and Julie would need someone to guide them- Landen has is faults, for sure, but he also has a big heart. And he never wanted anything to do with the legacy anyway, even as a child. This would be good for everyone. Meya laughed when she thought of how much less tense Lou would be now that the resident slob didn’t live here anymore. It was around this time that Leland sat down beside her.

“What’s on your mind, Love?” He asked her, resting his hands on his legs and looking at her, eyebrows crinkled. The gray that was streaking his jet black hair seemed to have come with a dose of compassion.

“Oh, Lee,” Meya sighed. “The kids, our elder spins, how Kate and Jules must be feeling now that your sister and Fernando have passed away, this wedding that is coming up, what Lou is going to choose to do with her life, among so many other things…”
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Leland smiled and scooted closer to his wife, wrapping his arm around her shoulders. “We’ll get through these changes too, just like the way we got through being new parents and barely young adults at the same time.”

Meya looked at him, concern still around her eyes. “But Lee, last time we dealt with so much change Brené and Patrice were here.”

Leland sucked in a breath of air. He was surprised at how much it still hurt to not have his mothers around. The way that Patrice left was so sudden and unexpected, but Brené was there for that too. Somehow, Leland realized something.

“Meya, Love, we handled a massive change with either one of my mothers that you may have forgotten about. When Mom died, after Mama Patrice had already left us, we made it through that too with the help of our children and each other.”

Meya smiled and stood up. “You’re right. Everything will be alright.” She looked back at Leland, “By the way, the house is being completely rebuilt tomorrow. Dex and Sasha want to remodel, so we’re going to stay with Landen and the girls for the night and tomorrow during the day. It should be a quick remodel.”

“Oh! That is a lot of change…” Leland commented, getting up to follow her up to their room to pack.

They also decided to make one last use of their bed before they had a new one. 😉


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