Chapter 5.41: Wait For It

“My mother was a genius,
My father commanded respect,
When they died they left no instructions,
Just a legacy to protect,…”

Dexter thought about his parents as Lizzy and Belinda stepped up to their birthday cakes. He missed them every day, but he knew that there was so much to look forward to. He felt the smile creeping onto his face as he celebrated the legacy that he was helping to leave behind.

03-24-16_3-27-19 PM03-24-16_3-27-51 PM03-24-16_3-28-08 PM

The girls aged into beautiful teenagers, and their bond was more inseparable than ever before. The night before their birthday they made a pact to be best friends forever, whatever might come their way. It seems as they they were both clinging to that childhood promise, as they both rolled childish.

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“Our parents have no idea what they have coming,” Lizzy said with a cackle.

Belinda pointed at the old photos on Lizzy’s phone and nodded, “It’s going to be very difficult for my mom to move us out when we hatch our plan.”

Lizzy looked in the mirror beside her. “Wait for it,” she declared. “We will get our way.”

“We rise and we fall and we make our mistakes,…
…Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it,…”

Author’s Note: Lyrics from “Wait For It” from the Hamilton soundtrack.


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