Chapter 5.42: I Am Not Throwing Away My Shot

Julius has not been able to get the idea of crushes and couples and kissing off his mind every since Lizzy brought it up. But his focus is not Marielle, despite Lizzy’s declarations of their cuteness. His eyes are for another girl in his class, Serena Brown. There is a problem though. Cain, another one of Julius’s friends, also has butterflies for Serena and he has known her longer.

When Cain saw the way Julius’s eyes lit up when Serena walked into the room he glared at Julius. “Bro,” he muttered through clenched teeth. “What are you doing?”

03-24-16_8-53-56 PM

Julius frowned and let his shoulders sag. “Nothing,” he sighed.

Serena was distracted by the large fish tank in their foyer, so she didn’t realize what was happening between the two boys standing near her.

Julius wasn’t ready to rock the boat, but he wasn’t going to give up his shot at happiness that easily. He just needed to be patient. Maybe Cain would end up falling for someone else later. Or maybe Serena would choose him instead of Cain. What if Serena didn’t choose either of them? What if she chose Benson Broussard instead!? Julius heard his sister and cousin giggling about Benson all the time… it was entirely possible that Serena had butterflies for Benson.

Now Julius was just starting to feel sick and decided to get this off of his mind by asking Cain and Serena if they wanted to go play Don’t Wake the Llama.


One thought on “Chapter 5.42: I Am Not Throwing Away My Shot

  1. Jes2G says:

    There it is! There’s the title I’ve been waiting for :-p

    Benson Broussard, oh la la! Oh…sorry Julius lol. Serena is cute! I’m sure she’s secretly writing “Mrs. Serena Waite” all over all her notebooks LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

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