Chapter 4.4 – Telling Elaina

The next morning, after Brené had told Lou the story of how Jolie and Elaina got their names, Leland was the first one up. He quietly tiptoed out of the room so he wouldn’t wake his sleeping wife.
07-13-15_1-57 PM-8

Once he left the room, making his way toward the restroom, he chuckled to himself about the fact that he and Meya wear matching pajamas. They were two very different sims, but something drew them to each other despite all of that, and their taste in pajamas might be one of those things.

“I’ll never understand how I got so lucky,” Leland whispered to himself about getting to be with Meya.

07-13-15_1-58 PM

After Leland woke up, Brené and the kids followed suit and everyone was hungry so Gran Gran whipped up a batch of excellent French Toast so that the family could have a quality Sunday morning breakfast together. Elaina and Meya eventually trickled down into the kitchen, but Leland and the kids were fast to dig in.

07-13-15_1-59 PM

“I think that playing on the monkey bars is way more fun than doing homework,” Lou exclaimed to Brené.

“Well, you can have your fun with monkeying around, but just remember that your homework is VERY important. Gran Gran would know, so you best listen.” Brené loved her grandchildren, and wanted all of them to succeed while getting to enjoy just being kids.

Dexter laughed, because unlike Lou he actually enjoyed doing his homework. Finding a solitary place to study and accomplishing something productive gave him a boost.

07-13-15_2-00 PM-4

“Speaking of listening to Gran Gran,” Lou started, looking mischievously over at Brené. “I heard a story last night. Elaina, did you know that you and Jolie were named after dolls? Gran Gran told me that she and Patrice played with the dollhouse and ended up naming you two after their dollies…ha ha ha!”

Elaina just took the story in stride, grinning at her niece, and finishing her breakfast. Brené shrugged about the harmless story being repeated, and the rest of the day went accordingly.

07-13-15_2-00 PM-5


13 thoughts on “Chapter 4.4 – Telling Elaina

  1. Jes2G says:


    Do you have one of those skin replacement mods? If so, which one? I like how their skin looks smoother and have more real looking lips, but it still looks like default skin. Some of those mods make the Sims look so different!


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