Chapter 5.49: So Perfect I Could Vomit

07-27-16_3-44-11 PM

“I have an idea!” Belinda proclaimed from in the fountain and standing across from Aden. Without pausing she kicked her foot through the water and watched as a stream of water made contact with Aden’s formerly dry sweater.

Aden, shocked, shouted jokingly. “Hey!”

“Oh come on,” Belinda chuckled. “Let’s have a little IRL fun.”

The two of them went to town with their splash-nanigans until they couldn’t quite see because of the water in their eyes.

“You started it!” Aden laughed a full-belly laugh as he kicked water at Belinda.

Belinda feigned horror as she leaned back to avoid the most intense sections of the splash. She smiled, revealing her oddly perfect pearly whites, “But I’m a lady,” she teased. “Ladies are allowed to change their mind.”

“That’s true. Everyone does reserve the right to change their mind,” Aden agreed.

Belinda was still smiling. “I did enjoy having a splash war with you, though. And I will for sure tell you, very seriously, if I’m ever uncomfortable with anything.”

Aden took a seat on the fountain, worn out from all of the fun. “Good!”

Belinda joined him and they looked up at the moon together.

07-27-16_3-46-23 PM

“It was nice, y’know,” Belinda said, looking at him fondly. “Doing something together that was offline.”

“It was,” Aden suggested, closing his eyes. “Definitely.”

The moon seemed to be reflecting off of the water in a most magical way, and Belinda felt herself trying not to swoon. “I still have a blast kicking your plumb at every game we try, though!” She said with a laugh.

“It’s not even shocking anymore.” Aden added, “Because you’re perfect.” He opened his eyes and their stares caught each other.

Belinda cleared her throat, and shook herself out of the trance she was falling into. “Oh, puh-leeze. That’s some vomit-worthy Harlequin nonsense right there! I’m going to sleep, A.” But as she stood up to leave she couldn’t deny the butterflies in her stomach and the pitter-patter of her heart beating faster in her chest.

“Goodnight, B.” Aden called after her, before turning to walk to his parked car and drive home. Maybe, someday, they’d make this romance official and go on a date. For now he was just glad to spend as much time as possible with such a wonderfully dorky, beautiful, perfect girl.


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