Waite Legacy: 2.10

12-03-14_10-05 PM-2

Brené went out on the town now that she was an adult, and decided to go to the bar. She originally planned to practice some bartending for the public, but then I found her autonomously chatting with this Sim- oops, I should have written down her name. I didn’t, so let’s just call her Sally. Brené wanted to make a new friend, so I decided to let her keep chatting.

12-03-14_10-05 PM-4

“But seriously, the unicorn was THIS BIG.” Brené said, grinning from ear to ear as she told her unbelievable story.

She was getting really excited, and really into this girl though. Before I knew what was happening she looked at her and flirted with her. She was rejected, but I missed the screenshots because I wasn’t paying that much attention. I happened to be drinking hot chocolate and eating a salted caramel brownie IRL at the time. OOPS. I tried to save the conversation, at least help them become friends, but it was too late. The conversation went sour and Brené got angry. She got up and left, brokenhearted and upset.

12-03-14_10-08 PM-3

“I can’t believe that girl…UGH…the nerve…”

Meanwhile, Sally was having a great time dancing alone. I guess she prefers to fly solo, and Brené prefers the ladies.

12-03-14_10-08 PM

Maybe next time Bren, maybe next time.

12-03-14_10-11 PM

Chapter 2.11 will be around the corner.


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