Chapter 5.21:Five Generations of Adulthood

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The verdant ghost of Brené Waite glided toward the estate where she once lived, not recognizing the structure but recognizing the feeling. This lot was no longer her home, for she wandered in and out of this realm, entertaining those still among the living with her piano-playing. She picked up this practice after the death of her wife, Patrice, and somehow it has stuck with her even in death. She is invited to many parties around town, for the music that she plays haunts people’s memories and they just want more and more.

Aside from the ethereal presence of Brené, other familiar faces showed up for this joyous occasion!

Of course Landen would show up for his brother’s birthday party.

02-22-16_9-05-16 PM

A very pregnant Sasha put one of Dexter’s favorite dresses on at the end of her shift and made her way back home from work to join the festivities.

02-22-16_9-11-45 PM

Katie, Leland’s niece (Dexter’s cousin), was in the kitchen laughing at something that Lou was recalling from their childhood.

02-22-16_9-02-08 PM

Julie, Katie’s twin sister, arrived a little late and was tired from a long day at work. She joined the nostalgic reminiscing though, and laughed about the good times.

02-22-16_9-12-05 PM

The last guest to arrive, well, she was quite angry. Carolina Waite, Dexter’s niece (Landen’s daughter, Lizzy & B’s cousin), stomped angrily into the house. Landen had left without her, meaning that she had to walk all the way here. Carolina loved her father, and some days she wished that he would be more thoughtful.

02-22-16_9-11-03 PM

Meya pulled Lizzy aside and asked her to come upstairs with her. “I have something for you. Today is a special occasion.”

02-22-16_9-02-58 PM

The two of them walked upstairs together and Meya pulled out a garment bag, at which Lizzy frowned. “What’s that, Grandma?” She asked, hesitantly. She attempted to smile so that her grandma wouldn’t feel bad.

“I bought you a special party outfit, and I think you should wear it for your father’s party. I know you aren’t really interested in frilly things,so I avoided frills.”

Lizzy gasped when she saw Meya pull the outfit from the garment bag. Pastel, lace, and glitter overwhelmed the senses of the rambunctious child and horror filled her eyes.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” Meya asked.

Lizzy gulped, deciding to do this for her grandma. “It’s something, that’s for sure.” She said, grabbing the clothes and changing into them.

She was walking back down the hall to join the party and she caught herself in the reflection.

02-22-16_9-26-02 PM

“Eruhhh…” She groaned, crossing her eyes and balling her fists as a shudder ran down her spine. “It’s just one party…”

02-22-16_9-26-18 PM

She walked downstairs and the celebration began.

02-22-16_9-43-17 PM02-22-16_9-43-41 PM02-22-16_9-44-15 PM02-22-16_9-44-23 PM02-22-16_9-44-44 PM02-22-16_9-45-14 PM

Even this ridiculous outfit and minimal energy couldn’t keep the smile off of Lizzy’s face.

02-22-16_9-45-29 PM02-22-16_9-46-23 PM

Even Carolina found a reason to smile once the cake was cut.

02-22-16_9-49-36 PM


6 thoughts on “Chapter 5.21:Five Generations of Adulthood

  1. Jes2G says:

    Man…I got a wee bit emotional with the Meya and Lizzy scene. I was just thinking how much Viv would have enjoyed and loved Lizzy.

    For some reason, Landen looks really tall lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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