Chapter 5.3: New Tricks

Sasha was sitting at the dining room table by herself, staring sadly down at a piece of strawberry cake leftover from the birthday celebration and a lukewarm mug of coffee. Talking with Meya certainly helped her as far as coming to terms with having multiple emotions at once, but for some reason celebrating this birthday was particularly hard on her. She wasn’t there for her big brother’s birthday… now he’s an elder!11-14-15_10-25-01 PM
She looked up from her plate when she heard someone sit down beside her and gave a weak smile when she saw Leland looking her way.
11-14-15_10-25-31 PM
“I am SO glad that you’re here Sasha,” He offered, authentically smiling at her. This softened Sasha up even more, and she found herself truly smiling back at him.

“Thanks,” she replied gently.

“Why are you so blue tonight?” Leland asked, with almost more compassion than he had ever used with anyone.
11-14-15_10-25-39 PM
“Well,” Sasha shrugged. “I’m just disappointed that I couldn’t be at my big brother Julian’s birthday… but I know he had a wonderful time. I can just feel it! I only wish I could have been there…”

Leland looked at Sasha and saw such goodness inside of her. “Sasha, you will get to see him again on your wedding day. You can congratulate him then. In the meantime, you finally managed to finish that piece of cake!”

Sasha laughed, fully seeing Leland as a goofball who sometimes just didn’t know when he was taking things too far. If you were patient enough, you could experience the kindness in Leland’s heart. She was grateful for her own patience.
11-14-15_10-25-41 PM
“But seriously, Sasha, this legacy would not be the same without you. My son loves you deeply, and if you are who he chooses, then I love you deeply as well. Welcome to the family,” He added, even knowing that they were not yet married. “Lou has always wanted a sister, and there is no doubt in my mind that we’re all excited it’s you.”

Sasha blushed, and scooted her chair back from the table. “I should go get ready for bed. There’s a lot to do in the coming days.”
11-14-15_10-25-52 PM
Leland was incredibly proud of himself for cheering Sasha up. “Who says an old dog can’t learn new tricks? I finally learned how to let my kindness show through to someone other than Dexter or Meya.”
11-14-15_10-26-08 PM


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