Chapter 2.15

12-05-14_5-09 PM
Patrice decided to move in immediately after Brené proposed and they talked about it. They had a lot of planning to do for their wedding, and they wanted to be able to plan it together. Besides, Patrice wanted to get a feel for the knew home she would be living in. What sort of toys did Brené have on the lot? Did they have a bar? A dollhouse? What was the kitchen like? Would there be plenty of room to cook? Patrice was sure there would be, because Brené mentioned that her mom, Juniper, had a really high cooking skill level and was working toward a Master Chef aspiration. Besides, even if there weren’t any of these things, Patrice didn’t care. She was with the woman she loved. And she could find happiness anywhere she went. She brought a bit of cheer with her everywhere.
12-05-14_5-12 PM
This seemed to bring a very pregnant Linda’s mood down a bit, because the spirit’s lifted in the legacy house as soon as Patrice moved in. It was like a miracle! Even miserable Marley lightened up! Ah well, at least Linda did truly love Asher, despite her evil ways.
12-05-14_5-12 PM-2
“I love you, Brené. I can’t wait to be your wife.” Patrice whispered into Brené’s ear before kissing her on the cheek.

“I love you too,” Bren replied, quietly.

Patrice made her way over to the bar and pulled out iLuvBot, revealing to Bren that they shared a trait.
12-05-14_5-13 PM-3
“I have an iLuvBot too!” Brené exclaimed. These two playful sims were a very good match for each other, that is for sure. I want to point out that the entire time that Bren was flirting with Pat at the bar she had the “focused” moodlet. It was so adorable. It was like she was afraid to say something wrong. D’aww.
12-05-14_5-13 PM-4 12-05-14_5-13 PM-7
I doubt Bren could say anything wrong to her sweet Patrice.
12-05-14_5-15 PM-4
“Look at this goofy picture of us that we took that night at the bar!” Patrice said, as they shuffled through selfies on Brené’s phone. They took so many silly shots that it was hard not to laugh at them.

“Who are we going to have photograph the wedding?” Bren asked, as she walked toward their room to get changed into her dress. “We should have thought of this much sooner. The wedding is this evening!”

“I’m sure Jaz will take some shots for us.” Patrice answered calmly with a reassuring smile.

With that Brené and Patrice went to go change into their wedding dresses. It was only a matter of time before the party started, and they wanted everything to be absolutely perfect. This was the legacy’s first wedding party, after all!
12-05-14_5-25 PM-5
“Are you nervous at all?” Brené asked Pat.
12-05-14_5-26 PM-2
12-05-14_5-26 PM-3
“No, not really.”
12-05-14_5-26 PM-5 12-05-14_5-26 PM-4 12-05-14_5-26 PM-6
“Not even a little bit?”
12-05-14_5-27 PM
Patrice joined Bren on the bed. “Not even a little bit. Everything is going to be fine.” Patrice was very calm about the whole thing, even though her family wouldn’t be there. Her own family wasn’t as supportive as Brené’s family was. They didn’t believe in gay marriage, and didn’t want to be a part of Patrice’s life anymore. That’s alright though, because Patrice was gaining such a large and wonderful family in the Waite household.
12-05-14_5-27 PM-2
“You are the most brave, most beautiful person I’ve ever known.” Brené said to her soon-to-be wife, and Patrice just chuckled.

“I could say the very same thing about you.”
12-05-14_5-27 PM-5 12-05-14_5-27 PM-7 12-05-14_5-27 PM-8
“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go get married!”
12-05-14_5-30 PM 12-05-14_5-31 PM-3 12-05-14_5-31 PM-4
Brené was making her way out to the backyard and wedding arch when she overheard her mother talking to herself in the kitchen. What was that she was saying? Something about the heir, and Patrice, and this legacy could use some cheer…
12-05-14_5-38 PM-3
“I’ve made my decision. Brené will be the heir to this legacy, and with Patrice by her side they will carry on somehow- even if it’s via adoption.” And she continued to make the cake for the wedding, while Brené excitedly continued on her way outside.
12-05-14_5-38 PM-4 12-05-14_5-39 PM 12-05-14_5-43 PM-3 12-05-14_5-43 PM-4
“Sorry I’m a little late, I was listening to my mom talking to herself in the kitchen.”
12-05-14_5-43 PM-8
“So what did she say?” Patrice inquired.

“I’m going to be the heir, along with you! We get to stay in the legacy house, and carry on the family name!”
12-05-14_5-44 PM-3
“Oh Bren!” Patrice hugged her. “This is great news!”
12-05-14_5-44 PM-4
12-05-14_5-44 PM-8 12-05-14_5-44 PM-16 12-05-14_5-45 PM-6 12-05-14_5-45 PM-13 12-05-14_5-45 PM-15 12-05-14_5-45 PM-16
And now we can move on to Generation Three!! FINALLY!


4 thoughts on “Chapter 2.15

  1. theplumbob says:

    Yesss! I’m stoked that Brené is the heir and… They’re both childish? That is so wonderful! I LOVED the bit when they both pulled out their toy robots! Now if you excuse me I seem to have welled up… I must have something in my eye… Yes, that’s right.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Renée Lenore says:

      ❤ they're both so freakin' great. Patrice is one of the best things that ever happened to this legacy. And Bren loved her so deeply
      And they both played with children's toys together all the time. *sighs* I will never stop loving the two of them together. Brené was always surprising me…


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