Chapter 5.20: Weaving Stories

Dexter and Sasha walked into the kitchen after their night out with Lou and Reggie. Both of them had smiles on their faces, and a pep in their step. It had been a very successful outing, and they wanted to finish the evening out equally well, so they decided to head for the pool.

02-22-16_8-27-17 PM

Lizzy and Belinda were still up because it was a weekend, so they were using their remaining time before bed to dance. Belinda felt herself getting sleepy though, so she probably wouldn’t last much longer.

“This is so much fun!” Lizzy said, full of energy. Her rambunctious nature kept her going, it seemed.

“Y-yeea-eeahhhh,” Belinda replied softly, yawning through the end of the word.

02-22-16_8-31-10 PM

Sasha sat at the edge of the pool and ate something to curb her constant hunger as Dexter and Leland talked to her from the center.

“I can’t believe I’m going to have three grandkids soon.” Leland shook his head while maintaining a stationary position in the pool. “It’s as if only a few months ago YOU were born, Dex.”

Dexter smiled. “Well, it does feel like that. But time is a funny thing.”

“Speaking of time,” Leland noted. “I should be going to sleep right about now.” And with that, he made his way out of the pool.

Dexter followed suit.

02-22-16_8-31-46 PM

“You are so beautiful,” he complimented Sasha as he hopped up onto the edge beside her.

“Thank you,” she laughed. “But I already know that.”


02-22-16_8-32-52 PM

“Which is part of the reason I love you. Your self-esteem is mind-blowing. More women should feel proud of themselves, and love how they look in every stage… your body is your body, and you have to love it to take care of it.”

Sasha smiled. “And I love you, because you never try to make me feel small or worth less than I am.”

02-22-16_8-32-34 PM

Sasha was getting tired and made her way up to bed. When Dexter saw that Lizzy was still dancing, he decided to read her a bedtime story.

The two of them settled into chairs at the dining room table and the story began. Lizzy soaked up every moment of this quality time with her dad. She hung onto every word that he said, laughing at all of the funny sections.

02-22-16_8-40-34 PM02-22-16_8-40-09 PM

After the story, Dexter walked up the stairs with his precious baby girl and tucked her into bed.

“Sweet dreams, sweet Lizzy.”


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