Simmers Gab!

Hello to all of my lovely readers!

You have probably figured out by now, if you have read the title of this post, that this is NOT a chapter of my Waite Legacy. Yikes. But don’t worry too much, I will be updating you with more chapters soon. Hopefully VERY soon. Things have been busier than I could have ever expected them to be for these past two weeks that I have had for my break (WOW! I still can’t believe my break is basically over already). That being said, I really needed to say a few things to all of you wonderful folks.

My amazing friends, Jes2G (author of The Pruett Legacy, etc.) and aroseinbloom (author of The Skinner Saga, etc.) have started this YouTube series called “Simmers Gab” that I absolutely love. Every week (except for during the holidays) since this web series started I have been glued in front of my computer for roughly 20-30 minutes (longer if I keep re-watching my favorite parts!) smiling and laughing with these two. Sometimes I even forget that they aren’t right there in front of me and I start talking to the screen!

Here is one of their trailers if you would like to have a taste of it, before reading the rest of this post.

This fun series, which is dedicated to talking about one of my favorite ways to spend my free time, keeps me coming back for more and also gave me the energy and happiness I needed to keep pushing through the end of a very difficult quarter.

Furthermore, when I was named viewer of the month in their video I actually cried. Before I watched this video I was feeling fairly depressed, and even lonely (I am introverted so I do like being alone, but for me there is a difference between being alone and feeling lonely) on top of completely overwhelmed by all of the stressful things that were happening in my life. These two could not POSSIBLY have known how low I was beginning to feel. So I once again “tuned in” to watch this dose of joy, and after just 6 minutes I was already feeling myself begin to smile and felt a passion start to rise up- some kind of desire to join into the discussion. Then they announced viewer of the month. And it was me. I was over the moon. As Jes2G said would happen, once I found out I “died 9 times over.”

This YouTube series about this AMAZING game franchise that most likely all of you, as my readers, have had some kind of experience with and probably love, is one hundred percent worth watching. These two women are so incredible, and it is so clear to me that they are sharing what they love with other people that they love. They aren’t posting these videos just so they can get famous- they are posting these videos because it gives them joy to do it, just like it gives me joy to watch them.

I suggest that you make your way over to their channel and start watching. They deserve it, and frankly, so do you- everyone deserves a smile. 😉



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