Waite Legacy: The House.

So, their house was quite crowded, and before a terrible financial loss fell upon Alexander Goth he did have quite a few simoleons so they had a major revamp of the house- which, now that they’re back down to 13,000 simoleons after paying the bills they may not be able to afford. Anyway, here are some screenshots of their home.

11-27-14_1-17 PM

I realized after this screenshot that I couldn’t have a porch like that, because it wasn’t route-friendly, so that went away 😦

11-27-14_3-15 PM-3



11-27-14_3-16 PM-2


A very empty upstairs that pretty well stays that way because of the families continued struggle with bills.

11-27-14_3-17 PM


11-27-14_3-17 PM-211-27-14_3-17 PM-311-27-14_3-17 PM-411-27-14_3-17 PM-511-27-14_3-17 PM-6

Up next on the agenda, a bit of an update to get us up to speed on where the Waite family is at currently- or, well, closer… I do have a bit of story for some of it, so I won’t just update-rush through the WHOLE thing.


3 thoughts on “Waite Legacy: The House.

    • Renée Lenore says:

      LOL I am actually glad I changed it from that. I am trying to get better at building and decorating and including items that they actually want or would use as opposed to just what I want in the house. LOL I think I changed this build quickly. And it was almost TOO big with a bunch and weirdly used (or not used) space. Then again, their homes have since then consistently been too big. I am possibly going to change that.. 😛


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